Joe Donnelly, Hoosiers Greet Pence By Blasting Trump’s Failed Pandemic Response, Health Care Attacks


INDIANAPOLIS — Ahead of Vice President Mike Pence’s return to Indiana today, Hoosiers from across the state welcomed him home by calling out the Trump administration’s failed pandemic response and continued attacks on working families’ health care. The Indiana Democratic Party hosted a virtual press call featuring former U.S. Sen. Joe Donnelly, IDP Chair John Zody, House Minority Leader Phil GiaQuinta, Rep. Cherrish Pryor, Fort Wayne City Councilwoman Sharon Tucker, and Dr. Vidya Kora.

The full press call footage is available here.

Former U.S. Sen. Joe Donnelly:
Senator Donnelly laid out just what a failure the Trump-Pence response to the pandemic has been.

“Instead of being straight with us, we’re now in a place where over 220,000 of our fellow citizens around the country have died. Over 8.36 million cases have occurred because of incredibly tragic, failed leadership.”

“It’s hard to believe that, step after step, they’ve devastated our economy, worked non-stop to take away our health care, and we’re in a pandemic that they have fumbled from the start.”

Senator Donnelly drew a connection to Trump-Pence’s failed pandemic response and their attacks on Hoosiers’ healthcare.

“We have over two million Hoosiers with arthritis, diabetes, cancer, pre-existing medical conditions, now COVID, who will lose their coverage if Donald Trump and Mike Pence are successful.”

Finally, Donnelly made the case for Joe Biden.

“Joe Biden is strong. He is decent. He is hardworking and focused on our family, on our state, and our country.”

IDP Chair John Zody:

Chairman Zody pointed to rising cases in Indiana and the Fort Wayne metro area.

“The positivity rate for COVID has nearly doubled in the last month. Hospitals are filling up. At Parkivew, the number of inpatients with COVID has nearly doubled in 10 days.”

“It’s getting worse and the Trump-Pence administration aren’t doing what they should be doing.” 

House Minority Leader Phil GiaQuinta:
Leader Phil GiaQuinta (D-Fort Wayne) pointed to the devasting economic impact the virus has taken on local businesses and how important the Affordable Care Act is in making progress.

“I can’t think of one business that hasn’t been impacted.”

“So far we’ve seen a decrease of about $60 million this year impacting tourism and the hotel industry because of COVID.”

“We’ve seen devestation and the worst, unfortunately, is on the horizon.”

“One of the reasons we’ve seen improvement is that more people have access to affordable care and I’m very concerned we’re going to go backward if the ACA is overturned.”

Rep. Cherrish Pryor:
State Representative Cherrish Pryor (D-Indianapolis) detailed how the pandemic has revealed the underlying health care disparities for Hoosiers of color.

“The African American community has been devasted by COVID. Our health disparities are off the chart when you look at the majority of the community. We are disproportionally impacted by the COVID pandemic.”

Rep. Pryor also made the case for why the Hoosier State needs a Biden-Harris presidency.

“We have an opportunity to elect a team that’s going to put Hoosiers and the American people first.”

Fort Wayne City Councilwoman Sharon Tucker:
Fort Wayne City Councilwoman Sharon Tucker underscored how attacking the Affordable Care Act is the last thing Hoosiers in her district need.

“Removing the Affordable Care Act would be the absolute opposite way to move forward, to have a beneficial impact on lives of people who are being threatened daily by COVID-19.”

Councilwoman Tucker described why it’s time for a Biden-Harris administration in the White House.

“I support Joe Biden because I know his focus is making sure that healthcare is there for all and making sure that we attack this COVID-19 virus with real facts and reality.”


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