John Gregg Continues INDems’ American Rescue Plan Tour in Spencer County


INDIANAPOLIS – John Gregg – former Indiana House Speaker – and the Indiana Democratic Party yesterday continued its American Rescue Plan Tour, a statewide campaign to help deliver the good news about President Joe Biden and the Democrats’ COVID-19 relief package and how it’s helping all of Indiana’s 92 counties and its communities – like Spencer County – put the pandemic firmly in the rearview mirror. Gregg shared with Hoosiers how not one Indiana Republican elected official voted to support the Rescue Plan despite the law delivering $5.8 billion in relief to the state, Indiana’s schools receiving $2 billion in aid, and more than $250 million being used to expand broadband internet access across Indiana. 

“It’s a pleasure to join the Indiana Democratic Party for the American Rescue Plan Tour, because it’s time Democrats go on offense again and celebrate our values and accomplishments as a party, including the Rescue Plan,” said John Gregg. “President Joe Biden’s Rescue Plan is bringing a direct impact to every community across Indiana and helping our families put COVID-19 behind us. Indiana Democrats must hit the gas and talk about how we’re creating a better future for our families, because it’s Democrats – not Republicans – that are getting things done for Indiana.” 

The American Rescue Plan Tour has specified just how the Rescue Plan is providing a direct contribution to all of Indiana’s 92 counties – including for Spencer County where the county received $3.93 million, Santa Claus was provided $500,000, and county schools were given $2.9 million. Hoosiers can check out the Indiana Democratic Party’s “American Rescue Plan: How It Benefits You” website where voters can find out how the law is helping their families put COVID-19 in the rearview mirror. 


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