Just like the President, INGOP’s moral “leadership” simply a veneer


INDIANAPOLIS – Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody and Vice Chairwoman Cordelia Lewis-Burks issued the following statement concerning President Trump’s most recent comments on the tragedy in Charlottesville.

“President Donald Trump knows exactly what he’s doing. His combative defense of racist agitators in Charlottesville is the result of a careful, cold political calculus. He’s concluded that he must tread lightly on the white supremacists, bigots and racists that have found a discreet champion in his presidency. It’s a moment that defines a presidency and Donald Trump chose to stand with those marching with torches and swastikas. The President defended the very hateful principles that hundreds of thousands of patriotic Americans have fought and died to suppress. Those brave men and women deserve better.

“We should now be able to turn to men and women with the power to influence this discussion. Like Vice President Mike Pence. Like Indiana Republican leaders at the Statehouse. However inconvenient for Vice President Mike Pence, Speaker Brian Bosma, Senate President David Long or Governor Eric Holcomb, moral leadership demands action to match rhetoric. When you measure those actions, the distance between President Trump’s cowardly stance suddenly shrinks. Speaker Bosma blocked a bias crime bill from receiving a committee hearing in 2016. The caucus led by President Long voted unanimously against a bias crime bill in 2017. Vice President Pence refuses to break from his President, instead descending the low road toward ambiguity and “many sides”. These men have the power to lift up the discourse and set it on a path that ultimately strengthens the principles that buttress our democracy, such as “all men are created equal”. Thus far, like our President, they shrank in moments that tested their resolve and these are moments Hoosiers will not forget. So, instead of turning to them, the responsibility falls to others with power – everyday Hoosiers across this state who hold the power to act – and to vote.”


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