Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball Rates INGov Race a “Tossup”


INDIANAPOLIS – The governor’s race continues to move in Democrats’ favor as now a second political organization has called the race a “Toss up” since Mike Pence left the GOP ticket.

This time, a new rating by Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball, upgraded from its previous “Lean R” rating, comes after Eric Holcomb has said repeatedly that he is “ quite proud” of Mike Pence’s failed record – one that includes passing RFRA and producing a lagging state economy.

“Today’s rating shows what we already know: Hoosiers feel the state is going in the wrong direction. And, under Eric Holcomb, the state would only continue to follow Mike Pence’s ideologically extreme agenda that has damaged our economy and reputation,”said Drew Anderson, communications director. “Middle class families have fallen behind under the Pence-Holcomb Administration because they have chosen to put their out-of-touch agendas ahead of common sense ideas. Hoosiers are fed up and are ready to vote for John Gregg in November.”

This latest analysis is further proof that Mike Pence’s out-of-touch ideology is having long-term damage on his credibility as governor – and that of his hand-picked successor, Eric Holcomb. Howey Politics moved the race to “Lean Gregg” just after Holcomb was chosen as the Republican candidate. And last month, Cook Political Report joined GOVERNING Magazine by rating the race as a “Toss up”. Finally, a Bellwether Research Poll in May found that only 40% of Hoosiers approved of Mike Pence’s job performance, a 15 point drop since the start of 2015.

Needless to say, Mike Pence and Eric Holcomb’s failed record has caused the Statehouse GOP to spiral out of control, and Hoosiers are now more than ever dissatisfied. In fact, they want to go in a new direction because the Pence-Holcomb ideology is just not getting the job done for them.


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