Lawson to pursue auditable voting systems…after 2018 election


INDIANAPOLIS – Indiana Secretary of State Connie Lawson wants to move forward with replacing Indiana’s voting systems with machines that generate a paper trail, just not until after ballots are cast in the 2018 election. Amid renewed concerns over covert efforts to interfere in the midterm election, Lawson’s admission acknowledges a need for action while simultaneously conceding a failure to lobby the Indiana General Assembly for adequate funding in the two years leading up to the election.

FROM WYFI Indiana Democrat Calls For Enhanced Election Security

“Less than half of Indiana counties use paper back-up ballots. And the state doesn’t require an audit of all results after the election.

“Secretary of State Lawson’s office says the money will help enhance ongoing efforts, which include evaluations of election night reporting and security protocols, security scans, and enhanced encryption. It also says the federal dollars aren’t enough to replace all county voter systems that don’t have paper backups – and that Lawson will work with the General Assembly next session to secure such funds.”

Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody lamented Lawson’s delay and questioned why she waited out the 2017 budget cycle to request funding to replace all voting machines without a paper audit function, in use in about 60 percent of Indiana counties.

“Replacing voting machines after the 2018 election is like putting your seatbelt on after a car wreck,” said Zody. “If Lawson thinks it’s important enough to do, why aren’t we taking precautions now, before Hoosiers go to the polls? This isn’t new, Secretary Lawson just failed to act expeditiously and now Hoosiers’ vote may be dangerously vulnerable to manipulation.”


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