Leadership Test for Speaker Todd Huston: Hold Jim Lucas, INGOP Accountable for 1960s-Style Racism against Black Hoosiers


Speaker Todd Huston calls for all elected officials to respect one another 

State Representative Jim Lucas publishes a racist meme on social media, mocking the Speaker

Where’s Governor Eric Holcomb? 

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today has called on Indiana House Speaker Todd Huston to hold State Representative Jim Lucas and other Members of the Indiana Republican Party accountable for invoking racism against Indiana’s Black Legislative Caucus last Thursday. The Indiana Democratic Party views this as a leadership test for Speaker Huston, because right after he called for respect during session last week, Jim Lucas mocked him on social media by posting another racist meme online. 

It’s worth noting that Governor Eric Holcomb has yet to issue a statement from Thursday’s incident. Holcomb proved once again how irrelevant of a leader he’s become. 

“What Hoosiers saw last Thursday was a flashpoint of racism that we only once read about in the classroom. Voters’ trust in the state’s elected leadership will be demolished if Speaker Todd Huston fails to hold these bad actors accountable,” said John Zody, Chairman of the Indiana Democratic Party. “The Republicans’ rhetoric is not only rooted in racism, but it’s the same dangerous slippery slope that led us to the horrors of the insurrection in January. That is how serious this situation is, and it’s why Todd Huston must show some leadership.”

Here’s how it looks to Hoosiers across Indiana:

Thursday, February 18: “House Speaker Todd Huston had urged members ‘show proper respect’ and address issues in an ‘appropriate dialogue.’” – IndyStar

Friday, February 19: State Representative Jim Lucas posts racist meme on social media following racist incident during session the day before


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