Lucas calls Kenosha vigilante “good men.” Does Huston?


Zody calls on Speaker to disavow divisive rhetoric, remove Lucas

INDIANAPOLIS – Just 107 days removed from a sanctioning for posting a racist meme, Republican State Representative Jim Lucas re-activated his Facebook account and is at it again. Over the weekend, the hardliner commended the actions of a 17-year-old charged with murdering two men in Kenosha, Wisconsin, saying those who acted were, “good men.”

Speaker Todd Huston called Lucas’ previous post “unacceptable” and expressed “strong disappointment,” backing it up by removing Lucas from Statehouse committees. It’s difficult to see how Lucas is upholding the House standing rule to serve “the best interest of the citizens of the state” when he’s fomenting division and posting memes that’d land public employees a pink slip. Now Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody believed the Speaker must step up and call out unacceptable behavior among the caucus he leads.

“Does Todd Huston agree someone charged with the murder of two can be categorized as “good men?” said Zody. “Jim Lucas continues to use his platform as a state lawmaker to sow division and praise vigilantism. How many times can Lucas cheerlead violence and racism before Huston says enough? Surely this is once again ‘unacceptable behavior?’ It’s time for Huston to live up to his own words, and call for Lucas to resign.”


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