MAGA Republicans’ Funding Bills Are Dangerous to Indiana


This week, MAGA Republicans in Congress proposed extreme budget cuts that would raise costs, slash support for law enforcement, and undermine our economy — all while these same members are separately fighting for new tax cuts for multi-millionaires and the largest corporations. In response, Indiana Democratic Party Chair Mike Schmuhl released the following statement:

“Earlier this year, President Biden secured a bipartisan budget agreement that would result in $1 trillion of deficit reduction over the next decade while continuing to build on the economic progress we’ve seen across Indiana and the country: wages rising, unemployment falling, and manufacturing coming back. Yet instead of making good on that agreement, MAGA Republicans in Congress are trying to push forward an extreme proposal that would raise costs for families, undermine economic growth, and make Hoosiers less safe by cutting funding for law enforcement — all while giving more breaks to their wealthy donors and big corporations. On top of it all, Republicans can’t pass a bill to fund the FDA and the USDA because of MAGA Republicans’ attempt to ban abortion nationwide. Hoosiers deserve better.”

House Republicans’ cuts would hurt hardworking Hoosiers

House Republicans’ plan would give more tax handouts to the ultra-wealthy and big corporations while adding billions to the deficit: House Republicans would add at least $100 billion to deficits over 10 years by making it easier for the wealthy and big corporations to cheat on their taxes, while separately pushing corporate tax giveaways that would cost over $500 billion if made permanent — including at least $30 billion in retroactive tax breaks for investments companies made last year. Democrats, meanwhile, are advocating for policies that support Indiana families and ensure the wealthiest Americans pay their fair share. 

Instead of working to make our communities safer, House Republicans’ plan would slash funding for law enforcement: The proposed cut to the FBI would eliminate over 1,000 personnel, and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives would be forced to eliminate approximately 400 positions, including more than 200 agents. These agencies protect Indiana communities in every corner of the state. Cutting funding for law enforcement will undermine efforts to prevent crime, and it will endanger Hoosiers.  

House Republicans’ plan would slash funding for schools, taking children and teachers out of classrooms in the process: Republican bills would impact 377,300 students in Indiana schools that teach low income students by forcing a reduction of up to 3,700 teachers, aides, or other key staff. House Republicans’ cut to Head Start would mean as many as 870 children in Indiana would lose access to high-quality preschool — undermining their education, and making it more difficult for parents to join the workforce and afford childcare. 


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