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INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today asked Governor Eric Holcomb to use his Hoosier Common Sense and not follow a rhetorical partisan game that would not only confirm the Indiana Republican Party to be anti-science and anti-truth, but would also cost lives in the process. If Holcomb announces plans to pull back the state’s mask mandate, Indiana would join states like Texas and Mississippi in this rhetorical charade. The Indiana Democratic Party also fears this decision by Holcomb — which is solely rooted in partisanship — could dismantle all the hard-fought gains the state has made following the deadly holiday season. 

Not to mention, removing the state’s mask mandate on the eve of the 2021 NCAA Basketball Tournament would destroy Indiana’s reputation in the business and sports communities, two industries the state relies on to survive. 

“Ending the state’s mask mandate would be a colossal error by Eric Holcomb, but it’s a partisan move that’s entirely predictable for the Indiana Republican Party. Holcomb has time and again buckled to demands of a voting base that refuses to believe in science, data, and common sense – all at the expense of Hoosiers’ livelihoods. Now, it could be at the expense of Hoosier lives,” said Lauren Ganapini, Executive Director of the Indiana Democratic Party. “Democrats have repeatedly said voters shouldn’t trust the Indiana Republican Party, and a decision to appease a misguided electorate would be the last straw for many fair-minded Hoosiers.” 

Science and data are against the Indiana Republican Party. According to the Centers of Disease Control (CDC), wearing a mask would reduce COVID-19 transmission by at least 70-percent. And had 95-percent of the general public wore a mask over the winter, at least 130,000 lives could’ve been saved. 

Indiana families shouldn’t count on the Indiana Republican Party to all of a sudden find their Hoosier values. Governor Holcomb failed to hold Hoosiers accountable at the Statehouse for dismissing his own mask mandate, comparing any sort of direction to being a “hall monitor”. Further, Holcomb infamously installed a legitimate mask mandate last summer across Indiana before watering it down — all a political calculation for his reelection campaign


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