Maternal Mortality in Indiana is Among the Worst in the United States According to a New Study


INDIANAPOLIS – This past Monday, a new study published by the University of Washington discovered a large rise in maternal mortality rates throughout the country over the past two decades. 

In Indiana specifically, maternal mortality “more than doubled for both white women and Hispanic women” (Indiana Capital Chronicle, 07-06-2023). Indiana saw the largest maternal mortality rate increases for both white women and Hispanic women. Between 1999 and 2019, white women experienced mortality rates rise by more than 150 percent, and Hispanic women, 105 percent.

The study highlights the disproportionate nature of maternal mortality among Black Hoosiers as well, suggesting that death rates among this minority group have more than doubled that of white women, “despite Black Hoosiers making up a significantly smaller percentage of the overall population” (Indiana Capital Chronicle, 07-06-2023). 

“The University of Washington’s extensive research on rising maternal mortality rates in Indiana shows Hoosiers who they simply can’t trust in power: Republicans. Because of extreme one-party control at the state level, Hoosier women are in more danger now than they have ever been,” said Indiana Democratic Party Executive Director ZeNai Brooks. Instead of prioritizing women’s healthcare and reviewing our state’s social determinants of health, Republican legislators have spent time and tax dollars restricting access to healthcare services, and the right to choose. We should restore the right to choose, and make it easier for expecting women to access services such as doulas.”

“Hoosier Democrats understand the importance of protecting maternal health throughout Indiana and will do whatever it takes to ensure that pregnant women have access to much-needed resources and policies that will keep them healthy.

If Indiana fails to legalize these protections, it is no surprise that maternal death rates will worsen. Without abortion access, and with many Hoosiers living in healthcare deserts, lives remain at stake––and Republicans refuse to do anything about it.”


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