Mayor Joe Hogsett Has a Gun Safety Plan for Indianapolis, Unlike NRA Member Jefferson Shreve


INDIANAPOLIS – Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett today announced a new public safety plan for Indianapolis, centered on reducing gun violence and protecting neighborhoods and social spaces throughout the city. 

“Mayor Joe knows policies like permitless carry perpetuated by the gun lobby have created more challenges for police officers in dealing with gun crime in Indianapolis. His actions today send a message to the gun lobby, and speak for people who want their local government to have the ability to address these local issues,” said Indiana Democratic Party Chairman Mike Schmuhl. 

“Mayor Joe’s smart proposals to partner with community organizations and business owners will reduce gun crime and keep people safe at large events and social gatherings. The contrast is stark with conservative Republican NRA member Jefferson Shreve — who would give the gun lobby a seat at the table in the mayor’s office and stand idly by while the Statehouse supermajority passes looser gun laws that would make Indianapolis less safe.”

Mayor Joe has consistently taken on the gun lobby to fight for local governments and their residents. Today, he proposed measures to ban the sale of AR-15s and military-grade firearms, raise the age to buy a gun from 18 to 21, and end the permitless carry laws in Indianapolis. When passed, these common sense actions would all become law if the state’s preemption law is repealed for Marion County. 

In addition, Indianapolis will begin aggressive enforcement of nuisance law against negligent property owners where firearms are regularly discharged, providing financial support for security services to business owners and neighborhood organizations that desire to keep guns off their properties. Mayor Joe also announced record investments of more than $20 million for the city’s mental health and violence prevention services.

On the other hand, NRA member Jefferson Shreve received an “A” rating from the NRA when he ran for State Senate in 2016. He still has not released his answers to the NRA’s survey, which if similar to those in other states, would have asked Shreve if he supports the state’s preemption law that prevents Marion County from passing common sense firearm measures.


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