Media Confirms HIP 2.0 Existence Rests on the Affordable Care Act


Will Governor Pence finally embrace the ACA? More than 355,000 Hoosiers enrolled in HIP 2.0 program

INDIANAPOLIS – Yesterday the United States Congress proved Mike Pence and his administration wrong by voting for a partial repeal of the Affordable Care Act, including Medicaid expansion programs. Had it not been for President Obama’s expected veto, the repeal would have fully defunded and eliminated the Health Indiana Plan 2.0. But don’t take our word for it, check out this latest news story that highlights Mike Pence’s intellectual dishonesty with Hoosiers about the details of HIP 2.0.

When will Mike Pence fully embrace the ACA and advocate for Washington to stop putting the health coverage of over 355,000 Hoosiers on the line? It’s time Mike Pence put his ideology aside and do what’s best for the health and overall well-being of everyday Hoosier families.

All of a sudden, HIP 2.0 has a cloudy future
Indianapolis Business Journal // JK Wall

The governor and his staff spent nearly 18 months negotiating with the Obama administration to use the Medicaid expansion money approved by the Affordable Care Act to instead expand a conservative, privately run insurance plan that requires individual payments to health savings accounts.”


“The Conservative Cloud is embodied by Republicans in Congress. After 56 votes by the House of Representatives to repeal all or part of Obamacare, only to run short of support in the Senate, it finally became apparent this week that enough Senators are willing to vote for repeal.”


“Pence’s staff put out statements noting that there are other funding sources for HIP 2.0—although the Obamacare Medicaid money provides the lion’s share. The Pence staff also noted that the GOP effort would include a 2-year grace period to figure out new funding or to transition Hoosiers off HIP 2.0.”


“But if a Republican were to win the presidential election next year, then in 2017 Republicans could repeal or defund Obamacare for real.

‘We’re very concerned that whatever political maneuverings happen around the Affordable Care Act that we’re able to protect those who are newly covered here in Indiana,’ said Caitlin Priest, director of public policy for Covering Kids & Families, which has been helping Hoosiers sign up for coverage under HIP 2.0.”

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