Media on Governor Pence’s Letter to SBOE: A “Flip flop”, “An About-Face”


INDIANAPOLIS – Governor Mike Pence thought he could pull a fast one on Hoosiers and the Department of Education yesterday when he asked the State Board of Education to not hold teachers accountable for this year’s ISTEP scores that are thought to be drastically lower than previous years.

While encouraging, Mike Pence’s letter was not just late to the game, but it was a complete flip-flop from his position in February – where he said accountability must go on despite Superintendent of Public Instruction Glenda Ritz’s reservations. With this sudden turn of events, Mike Pence is once again doing anything he can to salvage his political career and low approval rating, which was last known to be “in the low 30s”.

But don’t take the IDP’s word for it. Check out the latest round of headlines by Indiana’s media where many went as far as to callout Pence for flip-flopping on one of today’s more pressing problems facing everyday Hoosiers.

Governor Pence Flip-Flops, Now Sides with Glenda Ritz on ISTEP Score Issue

Chalkbeat Indiana: “In an about-face, Pence joins Ritz in calling for relief from testing sanctions”

NWI Times: “Pence flip-flops on school accountability pause”

Indiana Public Media: “This letter is a bit of a surprise, considering Pence previously promised to keep accountability intact as Indiana moved to its own set of academic standards and updated standardized test to match.”

Howey Politics: “Gov. Pence changed his stance on the new accountability standards due to a political reality. His shift away from Common Core standards and the wars with Supt. Glenda Ritz have contributed to his low standing in the polls, multiple GOP sources are saying.”

Tweet from Niki Kelly, Fort Wayne Journal Gazette

WRTV (Indianapolis): “That position is a reversal for Pence, who told U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan in a June 2014 letter that Indiana would not be accepting recommendations to pause student or teacher accountability in the face of new standards and a new test.”

Indianapolis Business Journal: “But, on Tuesday, Pence reversed course in a letter to Ritz suggesting teachers shouldn’t be punished for an expected big dip in ISTEP scores the state board is set to discuss Wednesday.”

Associated Press: “Indiana Gov. Mike Pence announced Tuesday he is siding with Democratic state schools Superintendent Glenda Ritz in calling for less reliance this year on ISTEP standardized test scores for evaluating teachers and schools.”


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