Media on Mike Pence’s Pre-K Letter: An “About-Face,” He “Reversed a Previous Position”


INDIANAPOLIS – Mike Pence is so desperate for positive press these days that yesterday he asked the federal government for more information on creating a statewide Pre-K program. But the fact is, this letter was done only after he declined a similar $80 million grant two years ago.

Mike Pence’s letter is political showboating in an election year. From the move being described as an “about-face” to saying he “reversed a previous position,” the media is showing that Mike Pence is once again late to the game on one of today’s top issues facing Hoosiers.

Associated Press: “Pence seeks federal pre-K money after first turning it down”

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence reversed a previous position and announced on Thursday that he will seek federal money to help expand a pre-kindergarten program for disadvantaged children.”

WIBC: “Pence Dangles Possible Preschool Expansion on 2017 Legislative Agenda”

IndyStar: “In an about-face, Pence expresses interest in federal pre-K grant”

[…] “The letter comes as the Republican governor seeks re-election in a hotly contested race. Polls show that a number of education controversies during Pence’s first term have taken their toll. When asked which candidate would do the best job improving education, Pence got only 32 percent, compared to 42 percent for his Democratic challenger John Gregg, according to one recent poll.”

Chalkbeat: “Surprise! Pence is interested in federal preschool funding afterall”

“Less than two years after Gov. Mike Pence shocked Indiana by rejecting $80 million in federal preschool funding, he’s reversing course.”

[…] “The letter marks a stark reversal for Pence, who faced strong criticism for failing to apply for a “development grant” in 2014. Indiana was a top federal priority with a chance to win as much as $20 million a year in grant funding. At the last minute, Pence decided not to apply for the grant in order to avoid “federal intrusion.”

Fort Wayne Journal Gazette: “Some see it as political move; governor rejected funds in ’14”

[…] “But Democrats called it an epic election-year flip-flop.”

Statehouse File: “But not everyone is applauding his move – some say it is coming too late.”

Eagle Country Online: “Pence Change Of Heart? Seeking Federal Pre-K Funding”


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