Memo to Rep. Jim Banks: The INGOP Does Not Support Indiana’s Working Class, INDems Do


Axios: “The document, titled “Cementing GOP as the Working Class Party,” leaves no doubt that Republicans will be doubling down on Donald Trump for the foreseeable future” 

Unlike the INGOP, INDems focus on policies that help Indiana’s working class — including passing the American Rescue Plan, increasing the minimum wage, and providing more affordable healthcare to Hoosiers

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today was left dumbfounded about why Congressman Jim Banks believes the Republican Party is the party of working-class. After a review of the most recent votes by Congressional and state Republicans, the record shows they actually don’t support working-class Hoosiers at all. Banks’ memo goes back to a standard rule about the Indiana Republican Party: they care more about hyper partisanship and corporate giveaways rather than getting stuff done for Indiana and its families. Just look at their votes against the minimum wage, the American Rescue Plan, and the Affordable Care Act — all of which help Indiana’s working class. These are policies the Indiana Democratic Party has always supported. 

“Congressman Jim Banks’s votes and the Indiana Republican Party’s record do not help working-class Hoosiers. Just last month, Banks and the INGOP voted against increasing the minimum wage for 30-percent of the state’s workforce, they voted against the American Rescue Plan which will help us get through COVID-19 and get our economy back on track, and they never supported affordable healthcare for Hoosiers,” said Lauren Ganapini, executive director of the Indiana Democratic Party. “Banks is proving to be a typical Republican politician who talks a big game but is unwilling to do the work.” 

The Indiana Democratic Party predicted Republicans like Congressman Banks could deploy this on February 12, and it appears Congressional Republicans will try to hoodwink Indiana voters. However, Indiana Democrats will remain steadfast in our vision to provide Hoosiers good-paying jobs with benefits and protections, access to healthcare without breaking the bank, and fully invest in a public education system that will lead to better futures for students. 

AxiosHouse GOP memo: Trump embrace is only option for comeback 

The document, titled “Cementing GOP as the Working Class Party,” leaves no doubt that Republicans — at least in the House of Representatives — will be doubling down on Donald Trump for the foreseeable future.”  

“Banks argues in the memo that “both parties are undergoing coalitional transformations” and that Republicans shouldn’t fight the trend of corporate donors pulling back from the GOP.

“Our electoral success in the 2022 midterm election will be determined by our willingness to embrace our new coalition,” the memo says. ‘House Republicans can broaden our electorate, increase voter turnout, and take back the House by enthusiastically rebranding and reorienting as the Party of the Working Class.’” 

Banks offered McCarthy ideas for how Republicans could make further inroads with working class voters. On the messaging front, he recommends:

Contrasting the GOP’s immigration policies against “Biden’s border crisis”

Hammering the Chinese Communist Party’s “predatory trade practices” and arguing that “Democrats’ coziness with China results from their coziness with Wall Street”

Attacking Democrats for COVID lockdowns, hammering “wokeness and identity politics” and going after Big Tech.

He suggests Republicans hold “working class roundtables” and create a “working families task force.’”


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