Mike Braun Admits the INGOP Has Failed Hoosiers During Campaign Announcement


INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, highlighted a key point from U.S. Senator Mike Braun’s gubernatorial campaign announcement: admitting the Indiana Republican Party has failed families across the state. During his remarks, Braun admitted Hoosiers are burdened by high healthcare costs, poor workforce development, a struggling education system, and dismal maternal and infant mortality rates – all of which happened under Republicans’ watch over the last two decades. 

Further, Mike Braun once again tried to act like a political outsider despite having held elected office for over a decade. 

The Senator has been a part of the problem. As U.S. Senator, Braun rejected state economic investments, job-creating policies, and critical infrastructure projects – like broadband – needed to create a better future for Hoosier families. Democrats delivered on these historic investments while Braun supported extremist policies like overturning nationwide marriage rights for interracial couples and ending American democracy

Mike Braun would be a vote for the status quo when it’s time to create a better future for Hoosier families. 

Mike Braun Admits the INGOP Has Failed Hoosiers During Campaign Announcement

Maternal Mortality Rate

Mike Braun, 12.12.2022: “We have failed to address things like maternal mortality and infant mortality in this state. That’s shameful.”

GRADE: Third Worst Maternal Mortality in USA


Mike Braun, 12.12.2022: “Education is 52 percent of our budget out of 17 billion a year. Post-secondary is another 15 percent and we gotta do better at that.”

GRADE: C- Rated Education System

Workforce Development

Mike Braun, 12.12.2022: “Workforce, workforce, workforce. I heard a lot about that before COVID, and it’s even worse now.”

GRADE: D- Rated Workforce

Quality of Life

Mike Braun, 12.12.2022: “Let me talk about a few things we need to focus on here – high cost of healthcare.”

GRADE: F Rated Quality of Life


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