Mike Braun is Now the CEO of the Indiana Republican Party’s Civil War against Eric Holcomb


Braun criticized Eric Holcomb over Governor’s bare minimum response to COVID-19

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today brought to light another chapter of the Indiana Republican Party’s never-ending civil war between Governor Eric Holcomb and the extreme wing of the INGOP. On Friday, U.S. Senator Mike Braun tweeted an aggressive attack on Holcomb for doing the bare minimum to fight COVID-19 across Indiana. Braun now assumed the mantle of the Republicans’ infighting and the Party’s extreme race to the far right, one where Republicans condemned new federal vaccine requirements (despite voting for a vaccine mandate in 2017), refused to accept life-saving and science-based precautions like masks, and used taxpayer dollars to fight the Governor’s emergency powers during times of crisis – like the pandemic. 

Here’s what Braun had to say about Eric Holcomb’s meager COVID-19 strategy for Indiana:

“Our liberties should not be on hold at the whims of unelected bureaucrats and so-called scientific experts. It’s time to end this perpetual state of emergency and let Hoosiers be responsible for their own safety.” – Mike Braun, 10.01.21

The Indiana Republican Party continues to be an organization without an identity. In fact, Republican elected leaders would rather use misinformation and conspiracy theories on issues like the coronavirus to divide up communities across the state. The INGOP’s extreme partisanship is what led them to oppose President Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan, which included shots in arms, $5.8 billion in relief to all of Indiana’s 92 counties, $2 billion for the state public education system, an additional $447 in monthly relief for Hoosier families via the Child Tax Credit, and $250 million in broadband investment. 

In contrast, Indiana Democrats have consistently delivered for Hoosier families. Thanks to help from U.S. Congressmen André Carson and Frank Mrvan and Democrats in the statehouse, the Rescue Plan is helping Indiana combat the pandemic even as the INGOP’s partisanship keeps them idle. The COVID-19 relief package is helping lift 80,000 children out of poverty, delivering a much-needed pay raise to educators, and fully-funding Indiana’s public schools – something that hasn’t been accomplished in over a decade. Democrats have delivered better opportunity for Hoosier families, and they look forward to taking this investment to the #NextLevel through President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda. 


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