Mike Braun Votes to Default, Crash American Economy


INDIANAPOLIS – With America just days from what would be a devastating first-ever default on its debts, Senator Mike Braun voted against the bipartisan proposal to honor the country’s commitments and protect Social Security and Medicare.

It’s yet another tale in the quest to stand out from the crowd to be the most extreme in the Indiana GOP’s gubernatorial primary. His unwillingness to seek compromise on vital issues serves as an extreme warning that he wouldn’t be a governor for all Hoosiers in the Statehouse.

“Mike Braun claims to be a fiscal conservative, but how is letting the country default, crashing the markets, and wrecking the retirement savings of countless Hoosiers a conservative move?” said Indiana Democratic Party Chairman Mike Schmuhl. “Braun is running as far to the right as he possibly can to try and become the Indiana GOP’s gubernatorial nominee. It seems Braun’s campaign may be losing ground in the past few weeks, and he voted to tank the economy to advance his own personal ambitions.

“With his ‘no’ vote, Braun is advocating for the United States to default on its debts, cut off Social Security checks, stop support for farmers, and halt healthcare coverage for hundreds of thousands of Hoosier families. It’s simply a reckless move that endangers the future of the entire state — and country. Hoosiers deserve better than a governor that would leave them behind to score political points in a partisan primary as he works to leave a job he was elected to do.”


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