Mike Pence Chooses Politics over Fixing Indiana’s Sputtering Economy


ICYMI: Washington Post: “The remarkable lameness of Mike Pence’s Ted Cruz endorsement”

INDIANAPOLIS – Just days after the tepid endorsement of Ted Cruz – one that was openly mocked by local and national media – Mike Pence will forego focusing on Indiana’s sputtering economy and instead campaign for Cruz today.

“Mike Pence is so obsessed with being in lockstep with Ted Cruz that he’s willing to forego fixing Indiana’s sputtering economy just to appear on a national stage,” said John Zody, Chairman. “This should come as no surprise to Hoosiers who are used to their governor focusing on a national, social agenda that drives away economic opportunities and further damages the state. Mike Pence is just not getting the job done as Indiana’s governor so he’s resorting to what he knows best – a photo-op.”

While the governor and Ted Cruz share almost identical records, including their fixations on out-of-touch social agendas, Mike Pence is doing what he does best – running to the national topic of the day and ignoring the issues most important to Hoosiers. This includes Pence’s unwillingness to fix the growing wage gap for Hoosier workers and his political agenda, like RFRA, that drives economic opportunities away from the state.


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