Mike Pence Talking Through Both Sides of His Mouth on HIP 2.0 Evaluation


INDIANAPOLIS – Drew Anderson, communications director for the Indiana Democratic Party, released the following statement after Mike Pence sent a letter to Congress claiming he had “no confidence” in the independent evaluation of HIP 2.0. This letter comes after the Pence Administration last week manipulated an “independent” review of the ISTEP exam.

“Considering his administration manipulated a review of the ISTEP exam, Mike Pence is talking through both sides of his mouth if he claims there’s ‘no confidence’ in the independent review of the HIP 2.0 program. Hoosiers should expect this with Mike Pence as he won’t even admit it’s the Affordable Care Act that’s paying HIP 2.0’s bills. Today’s letter is Gov. Pence’s last-ditch effort to keep the facts about HIP 2.0 away from everyday Hoosiers. And once again, it’s Mike Pence putting his out-of-touch ideology ahead of the overall well-being of the state. Hoosiers deserve better than having an ideologue in the governor’s office.”



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