Mike Pence & Ted Cruz – Two Out-of-Touch Peas in a Pod



INDIANAPOLIS – While Mike Pence is Indiana’s version of Donald Trump, the governor is not that far off from Ted Cruz either. Earlier this month, Pence campaigned with Cruz’s father – a man with a similar history of discriminating against the LGBT community. And now as Ted Cruz is expected to attend the Indiana Republican Party’s Spring Dinner with Mike Pence this evening – how does he stack up to Mike Pence and his political agenda? Turns out, they both are pretty out of touch.

“Mike Pence may be Indiana’s version of Donald Trump, but Ted Cruz has also fallen in line with the same out-of-touch political agenda that has economically crippled the state of Indiana and its most well-known reputations,” said Drew Anderson, communications director. “Ted Cruz is simply the present day version of the many years Mike Pence and others spent in D.C. prioritizing their ideologies ahead of the nation’s well-being. While Cruz campaigns on this divisive message, Mike Pence has put it into practice and in turn has caused Indiana to fall behind the rest of the nation.”

How similar is Ted Cruz’s rhetoric to Mike Pence’s record? Take a look.

RFRA Ted Cruz: “I’m Proud To Stand With Mike, And I Urge Americans To Do The Same.” [CNN, 3.31.15]

CNN: Ted Cruz “Portrayed Indiana As The New Front In A Cultural Battle.” [CNN, 3.31.15]

Mike Pence signed RFRA into law, throwing Indiana into a $250 million economic panic. The City of Indianapolis lost $60 million in tourism revenue. [IndyStar, 4.2.15]
Women’s Rights  

Ted Cruz Joined Six Other Potential Republican Presidential Candidates In A Letter Of Support For Sen. Lindsey Graham’s 20-Week Abortion-Ban Bill. [Politico, 9.16.14]


In a closed-door ceremony and after members of his own party voted against HB 1337, Mike Pence signs bill into law. Indiana joins North Dakota with most restrictive laws against women’s health. [IndyStar, 3.25.16]
Overall “Sen. Ted Cruz (Tex.) Is More Electrifying [Than Pence.]” [Washington Post, 12.12.14] “…Indiana having a governor who thinks first and foremost not about what is best for the long-term health of this state, but about his personal ideological views, and about the wishes of a small band of social-issue lobbyists and leaders who now enjoy having a puppet in the governor’s office.” [IndyStar, 4.8.16]



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