Mike Pence’s BMV “Correction” Causes More Headaches for Hoosiers


INDIANAPOLIS – This session, Mike Pence and Statehouse Republicans were quick to tout they solved the crisis at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. Sure, they may say they fixed the problems because of the public relations crisis they faced, but did a true fix actually happen? Should Hoosiers feel rest assured that the agency won’t take advantage of their tax dollars again?

Not a chance.

“My Republican colleagues in the Statehouse shook my hand, looked me in the eyes, and told me HEA 1087 would pay back Hoosier taxpayers and fix this embarrassing flap at the BMV,” said State Representative Dan Forestal. “Instead, they flat out lied to me and deceived the people we are elected to represent. Jamming last minute earmarks into necessary bills is Washington-style politics. We are better than that. Hoosier families need to have faith in their state government. This law adds more tedious regulations that could do more harm than good for the state of Indiana.”

Masked by the brand of “fixing” the scandal-ridden Bureau of Motor Vehicles, HEA 1087 is chocked-full of earmarks fueled by eleventh-hour deals that ultimately hurt hardworking Hoosiers. Unnecessary additions to HEA 1087 include the following:

  • Shortened Railroad Regulations. According to the Federal Railroad Administration, Indiana ranks fourth in the nation when it comes to train to auto accidents. Through a deal struck by railroad companies and Mike Pence, the line of sight at railroad crossings will diminish from 1,500 feet to 250 feet – putting the safety of many Hoosiers in jeopardy.
  • Increased Fee from Rental Car Companies. And in a last minute deal at the Statehouse, motorists are now subjected to higher fees for vehicles rented through car rental companies in the state.

“By hiding these last-minute deals in this law branded as a ‘fix,’ Mike Pence is once again putting his out-of-touch political agenda ahead of the overall well-being of the state,” added John Zody, Chairman of the Indiana Democratic Party. “This is typical of Mike Pence and his Republican Party. Under Mike Pence’s watch, Indiana has seen both our ‘Crossroads of America’ and ‘Hoosier Hospitality’ reputations severely damaged – as he has governed from one public relations crisis to another. We can do better, and it begins by getting rid of Mike Pence and legislators who refuse to be honest to Hoosiers.”



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