Mike Pence’s “Fix” To RFRA Did Not Fix Indiana


INDIANAPOLIS – Exactly one year after Mike Pence signed RFRA, threw Indiana into an economic panic, and put the state’s “Hoosier Hospitality” reputation in jeopardy, he’s hoping Hoosiers have forgotten about the embarrassing and unnecessary law as well as the “fix” that was intended to correct his ideological mistake. But did Mike Pence’s “fix” to RFRA really mend fences for the state?

Far from it! From a $250 million economic panic – including $60 million for Indianapolis – to the state losing its “Indiana Welcomes All” brand, RFRA and Mike Pence’s ideology have caused almost irreparable damage to Indiana.

“A true fix would have been Mike Pence signing full protections for LGBT Hoosiers into state law. Instead, all Hoosiers saw were bad headlines, more economic damage, and a governor who under no circumstances would put his ideology aside for the overall well-being of Indiana,” said Drew Anderson, communications director. “He can provide all the economic snapshots he wants, but the fact is Mike Pence has embarrassed Hoosiers when they needed his leadership the most. The only true ‘fix’ will be firing Mike Pence this November.”

Notable Headlines following the RFRA “Fix”

Indy Star: “State plans to spend millions to repair image after RFRA”

NWI Times: “PR fix turns into bad PR for Indiana”

Associated Press: “Indiana cancels contract with NY public relations agency”

Indianapolis Business Journal: “Poll finds RFRA impacts linger”

WTHR: “State releases e-mails revealing RFRA damage”

Indy Star: “Official: RFRA cost Indy up to 12 conventions and $60M”

Indy Star: “In LGBT rights debate, Pence urges lawmakers to guard religious freedom”

The only way Indiana can move past the Religious Freedom Restoration Act and the damaged caused by Mike Pence is by electing John Gregg as governor this November. For Gregg, protections for LGBT Hoosiers is not only the right thing to do – but it would help Indiana regain its economic footing as well. Gregg understands Indiana’s reputation needs repaired which is why he supports adding “sexual orientation, gender identity” to the state’s nondiscrimination laws. Mike Pence may have embarrassed the state, but Hoosiers know better days are ahead once John Gregg takes office as Indiana’s governor in 2017.


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