Mike Pence’s Re-election Kick-Off Stalls, Draws Protests across Indiana


Protestor: “I think it’s very sad when you have to bus in everyone that attends your rally.”

INDIANAPOLIS – Mike Pence tried to hit a “reset button” with an official re-election kickoff. But much like his failed term as governor – where wages for workers have dropped and his social agenda has driven away future economic opportunities – his campaign efforts stalled. The governor even had to go as far as to bus supporters with him along each stop.

From Indianapolis to Fort Wayne and to the Ohio Valley, protestors welcomed Mike Pence with each stop of his bus tour, holding “Fire Mike Pence” and “Pence Must Go” signs along the way. The fact is, the governor isn’t getting the job done, and Hoosiers are starting to show they are ready to #FireMikePence this November.

Photo courtesy of the Louisville Courier-Journal.

Evansville Courier & Press: “During the speech, chants of “Pence must go,” could be heard at times from a group of protestors outside the Dallara factory, showing some Hoosiers don’t feel the same about the governor’s optimistic outlook.”

Tristate Homepage: “’I think it’s very sad when you have to bus in everyone that attends your rally,’ Protestor Max Hedon said. ‘It’s less of a rally and more of a dog and pony show out here.’ Hedon and a handful of other protestors lined the sidewalk as Governor Pence spoke. They say they’re angry about the Religious Freedom Restoration Act he signed last year and his views on the LGBT community.”

Louisville Courier-Journal: “The event drew more than 40 people and about 10 protesters clutching signs that read “Fire Mike Pence” and “Mike Pence Must Go. […] Adam Dickey, Democratic chairman in the 9th District, held a ‘Mike Pence Hurts Working Families’ poster. ‘The tale the governor keeps telling about the state of the economy and the story told by the pocketbooks of Hoosiers is not matching up,’ Dickey said. He said Hoosiers need to be paid a livable wage and that Pence is pushing an ideology that is causing businesses to leave Indiana. ‘That is not an economy that’s humming, it’s an economy that’s stalling,’ he said.”

WISH-TV: “There were about a dozen protesters outside chanting “Pence must go!” and other slogans.”

WANE-TV: “Three protesters were outside of the new campaign office speaking out against Governor Pence.”

Statehouse File: “When Pence and Holcomb arrived on at the IndyCar factory, they were greeted by a handful of protesters, including one wearing a Mike Pence costume shouting ‘Fire Mike Pence, Fire Mike Pence.’”

NWI Times: “A dozen protesters chanting “Pence must go” outside the governor’s first campaign event other than Republican fundraisers were happy to remind Pence he is not well-liked in some parts of the state.”

Fox 59: “A handful of protesters stood outside as Pence talked, chanting ‘Pence must go.’”

Protest coverage also seen in WTHRCBS 4.




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