Mike Pence’s RFRA 2.0 Already Receiving National Attention.


Mike Pence’s RFRA 2.0 Already Receiving National Attention

Mike Pence “Stuns” with LGBT Stance, Continues “Culture War”, “Doubles Down” on LGBT Discrimination

INDIANAPOLIS – In case you missed it, Mike Pence last night chose to continue his longstanding discrimination against equality when he double-downed against the call for across the board protections for the LGBT community. Pence’s move wasn’t from a governor – it was from an ideologue who actively promotes discrimination against LGBT Hoosiers.

And now, the national media are picking up on RFRA 2.0. From tip sheets in Washington, D.C. to nationally recognized news organizations, RFRA 2.0 has the same makings of last year when Mike Pence chose to put the state in a $250 million economic panic while also throwing Indiana’s “Hoosier Hospitality” reputation in jeopardy.

National Coverage on Mike Pence’s Discrimination against LGBT Hoosiers

BuzzFeed: “Indiana Governor Stuns With Stance On Debate Over LGBT Rights”

Washington Post’s “Daily 202”: “The culture war is alive and well: Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, giving his State of the State address, doubled down on his pledge to protect ‘religious freedom.’”

Politico’s “Morning Score”:  Indiana Dems: Pence “Doubled Down” On Discrimination

National Journal: “Indiana Gov. Mike Pence declined to explicitly say Tuesday during his State of the State address whether lawmakers should add civil-rights protections for gays to state law…”

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