Mike Pence’s RFRA Has Lasting Economic Impact on Indianapolis


City of Indianapolis saw a $60 million economic panic following Mike Pence’s RFRA last spring

INDIANAPOLIS – Visit Indy, the official tourism organization of Indianapolis, announced today that the city felt a $60 million economic impact following Mike Pence’s decision to sign RFRA into law last spring. Juxtapose today’s news with Mike Pence’s words on January 3rd – when he said LGBT rights and the Hoosier economy were two “entirely separate” issues.

“It’s baffling how delusional Mike Pence is on his claim that there’s no direct correlation between LGBT rights and the Hoosier economy. In fact, Pence’s out-of-touch ideology comes from an ideologue – not a governor. When he signed RFRA last year, Mike Pence threw Indiana directly into a $250 million economic panic, including Indianapolis’s $60 million,” said Drew Anderson, communications director. “Mike Pence doesn’t ‘abhor discrimination’ – he actively promotes it, and that is why Indiana’s “Hoosier Hospitality” reputation is in jeopardy. Hoosiers deserve a governor who won’t put their ideology ahead of the state’s overall well-being. That person is John Gregg.”

RFRA and RFRA 2.0 aren’t isolated incidents for Mike Pence for he has a long history of discrimination against LGBT Hoosiers. From his support of controversial ex-gay therapy to voting against the federal Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), Mike Pence has shown Hoosiers that when it comes to the “Golden Rule” – it only applies under his terms.

Hoosiers know they must fire Mike Pence this fall, and it begins by electing John Gregg as Indiana’s next governor. Gregg adamantly supports the “four words and a comma” approach for across the board protections for LGBT Hoosiers, including public accommodations. Further, Gregg would make all decisions in the best interest of restoring and protecting Indiana’s “Hoosier Hospitality” image while also improving the overall Hoosier economy.


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