Mourning the One-Year Anniversary of the Indiana Abortion Ban Passing in Special Session


INDIANAPOLIS – One year ago Saturday, just weeks after the reversal of Roe v. Wade, Indiana Republicans passed a near-total ban on abortion during a special session centered on anti-choice extremism.

Senate Bill 1 says that at the state level, abortions remain permissible only in cases where the life or physical health of the mother is at stake, when the fetus suffers from a lethal fetal anomaly, or in cases of rape and incest before 10 weeks post-fertilization. 

The sad reality is that these exceptions are merely empty promises for countless women and just exceptions on paper. In states like Louisiana and Florida, pregnant women now have firsthand experience being denied care even when the health status of both the mother and fetus are in jeopardy.

“Today is a dismal anniversary for Hoosiers, especially women and families. One year ago, the Indiana Republican supermajority made our state the first in the county to pass an abortion ban in the post-Roe era in special session and against the wishes of the majority of Hoosiers. 

Hoosiers deserve to have their voices heard on the issue of choice and personal healthcare freedom. In a dissent, a member of the Indiana Supreme Court said that the people of Indiana should decide this issue — not a Republican supermajority that is also a supermajority caucus of men. 

Neighboring states around us have either codified abortion rights or have put the issue directly on ballots for voters to make their voices heard. Indiana should do the same. 

We must bring more balance to Indiana state government. We can do this by electing more Democrats across the state next year to break the supermajority, bring more common sense into our political discourse, and deliver an Indiana that is better for everyone. 

Republicans are to blame entirely for the consequences this ban will cause. Maternal mortality will continue rising exponentially without access to reproductive healthcare. Women’s health and wellness is on the line––and how do we protect them? By protecting the right to their bodily autonomy. As we’ve seen in other states, the exceptions in this bill are likely only exceptions on paper. Even in dangerous cases in other states, the fear these bans created meant women weren’t able to access the care they needed.

We will never stop fighting for Hoosier women in the weeks and election cycles ahead.”

  • Indiana Democratic Party Chair Mike Schmuhl.


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