Myla Eldridge


Myla Eldridge


Myla A. Eldridge is a dedicated public servant who has a decade of experience in the Marion County Clerk’s Office. Her experience, skills and passion for people led her to become the First African American Clerk of Marion County in 2015. Clerk Eldridge’s priority is to make sure Marion County residents are always first. Her focus is ensuring that everyone has access to voting and those who want to cast a ballot is able to do so; providing excellent customer service to everyone who utilizes the Clerk’s Office; improving the administration of justice by making it easier for people to file court cases; and helping citizens understand the government that exists to serve them.

Clerk Eldridge brings over a decade of experience administering elections to the Marion County Clerk’s Office. Clerk Eldridge previously served as Director of Elections and Deputy Director of Elections the Marion County Election Board. While working for the election board, Ms. Eldridge created a poll worker recruitment program, and provided training for over 3,000 poll workers each election. To date, Clerk Eldridge has had a major role in conducting 16 Primary and General Elections, and two Special Elections, totaling 18 elections.

Additionally, Clerk Eldridge serves as an advocate for the community where she frequently speaks about the voting process and Election issues throughout Marion County. Clerk Eldridge manages special outreach programs such as the “yVote” initiative that teaches high school students about the importance of Democracy. Under the “yVote” program, thousands of eligible high school students in Indianapolis have registered to vote. Clerk Eldridge also attends weekly Naturalization ceremonies, where the Clerk welcomes immigrants that becomes new U.S. citizens. Clerk Eldridge has helped thousands of new citizens do their first act as a U.S. citizen—register to vote.

In her capacity as Marion County Clerk, Ms. Eldridge serves as the Secretary of the Marion County Election Board; Member of the Enhanced Access Review Committee; Chair of the Criminal Justice Planning Council, and Member of the City of Indianapolis’ IT Board.

From 2001-2006, Ms. Eldridge served the City of Indianapolis in the Peterson administration as an Executive Associate in Economic Development and Cultural Tourism. Myla previously served in the Indiana Department of Commerce in the Frank O’Bannon administration as an Information Specialist for the International Trade Division and in the Joe Kernan administration as the Communications and Education Specialist for Indiana Main Street and Tourism Division.

Clerk Eldridge currently serves as a proud member of the National Council of Negro Women (Indianapolis Chapter), and the Association of Clerks of Indiana Circuit Courts of Indiana. From 2008 through 2012, under the umbrella of Mount Zion Apostolic Church Clerk Eldridge served as the Executive Director for NICSC – The Northeast Indianapolis Community Service Corporation and previously served on the Board for The Concerned Clergy of Indianapolis, Inc. Clerk Eldridge is a native of Indianapolis, attended Indianapolis public schools, and is a graduate of John Marshall High School. Ms. Eldridge also attended Lockyear Business College.

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