National Journal Names #INGov Second “Most Likely to Flip”


INDIANAPOLIS – National Journal last night called the Indiana’s gubernatorial race the second “most likely to flip” party control. This analysis, up three spots from its previous ranking, shows the governor’s race continues to “slip away from Republicans” in clear favor of John Gregg.

Why? Hoosiers are fed up with the direction Eric Holcomb and Statehouse Republicans have steered Indiana over the last four years. They are tired of politicians like Holcomb putting his political agenda ahead of Hoosiers’ well-being.

“Today’s analysis shows what we already know: Hoosiers are tired of the political agenda over the last four years. And, under Eric Holcomb, the state would only continue to follow an out-of-touch ideology that has damaged our state’s economy and reputation,” said Drew Anderson, communications director. “Under this administration, middle class families have seen their wages stall, no statewide Pre-K program, and open discrimination against the LGBT community. Hoosiers are fed up and are ready to vote for John Gregg in November.”

This latest analysis is further proof that the out-of-touch ideology of Eric Holcomb and Statehouse Republicans is causing long-term damage to the state. The Rothenberg & Gonzales Political Report just this month called the governor’s race a “toss up” – joining Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball, Cook Political Report, and GOVERNING Magazine with the same ranking.

Needless to say, the failed record of Eric Holcomb and Statehouse Republicans has caused the Statehouse GOP to spiral out of control, and Hoosiers are now dissatisfied more than ever. In fact, they want to forget about the last four years, and Eric Holcomb’s ideology is just not getting the job done for them.



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