New laws, no answer for Indiana’s sluggish economy



INDIANAPOLIS – Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody issued the following statement on the last day of Fiscal Year 2017, a day before a number of legislative initiatives take effect.

“As taxes paid at the pump go up tomorrow, we’re reminded again that the Indiana economy isn’t working for all Hoosiers. Governor Eric Holcomb and Statehouse Republicans wasted another legislative session chasing special interests and the result is a Hoosier economy stuck in neutral. Indiana motorists will now pay the third highest total taxes on gasoline in the nation while Indiana corporations are scheduled to see their taxes decrease by 42 percent. It’s just another chapter in a well-worn playbook for Indiana Republicans, going out of their way to boost corporate bottom lines while Indiana jobs are shipped overseas and the Indiana economy isn’t growing. Hoosiers want roads but the delays and likely cost overruns on the I-69 debacle prove Republicans can’t deliver. We need leaders focused on policies that grow good-paying American jobs right here. Tomorrow, new laws go into effect. Sadly, Republicans still don’t have an answer for an Indiana economy stuck in neutral.”

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