New round of Carrier layoffs is fresh reminder that Rep. Braun sided with company over Hoosier workers


GOP Senate candidate opposed “Clawback” provisions that would have prevented Carrier from keeping tax breaks from Indiana as it outsourced Hoosier jobs

INDIANAPOLIS – Carrier is set to lay off hundreds more Hoosier workers on Thursday despite negotiations from state and federal officials to keep their jobs here, but that seems to be of no concern to Rep. Braun.

Shortly after Carrier announced that it planned to ship 1,400 jobs to Mexico in February 2016, Rep. Braun broke with many of his Republican colleagues to oppose the overwhelmingly popular “clawback” amendment that would have penalized companies like Carrier that move jobs out of Indiana. Under the provision, Indiana would have been able to retrieve any tax breaks or subsidies to outsourcing companies, such as the more than $520,000 from the state in property tax incentives Carrier had received.

Rep. Braun has tried to position himself in the GOP primary as a successful outsider businessman. However, his primary opponents have already begun to attack him and his company for costing Americans jobs by selling foreign parts for cars not made in America. In that light, his vote supporting corporations like Carrier who rig the system against American workers ought to come as no surprise.

“The new round of Carrier layoffs is a fresh reminder that Rep. Braun is just another millionaire putting the interests of multinational corporations ahead of hardworking Hoosiers,” said Michael Feldman, spokesman for the Indiana Democratic Party. “Rep. Braun may talk tough on trade in his new TV ad, but when given the chance to put those words into action, he gave Carrier a thumbs up for shipping jobs to other countries while Hoosiers lost their livelihoods. Voters want their representatives to fight against a rigged system where profits and jobs flow overseas, and Rep. Braun’s decision to put Carrier’s profits over people speaks volumes about his priorities.”


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