Newly Revealed FEC Fines Latest Example of Congressman Young Skirting the Rules


INDIANAPOLIS – Late yesterday, a news report found that Congressman Todd Young had to pay more than $30,000 after the FEC fined his campaign for accepting nearly $100,000 in prohibited donations and failing to disclose more than $75,000 in donation in the proper time. This damaging report is just the latest instance in which Congressman Young has tried to skirt the rules for his own personal gain:

– As a member of Washington’s tax-writing committee, Congressman Young violated Indiana tax law to save himself thousands of dollars by deducting $218,075 on his tax return for a home in Bloomington he claimed was his primary residence but he actually rented, committing what the county treasurer called “homestead fraud.”

– Congressman Young told Hoosiers he would withhold his pay during the government shutdown he voted for 5 separate times, but as WISH recently reported, he kept his pay.

– Congressman Young has brazenly spent more than$275,000 on taxpayer-funded political mailers, the same mailers he condemned in 2010. His Congressional office’s spending on this franked mail is now the subject of a complaint.

– And of course, Congressman Young’s campaign had a problem counting to 500.

“Congressman Young consistently tries to skirt the rules for personal and political benefit,” said John Zody, Chairman. “Whether he’s being fined by the FEC, spending hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars on political mailings, or even failing to file enough signatures to get on the ballot, this is just the latest example of Congressman Young acting like a Washington politician and thinking the rules don’t apply to him.”


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