Newspapers Reject Eric Holcomb’s “Status Quo” Campaign


Fort Wayne Journal Gazette: “[Eric Holcomb] is ill-equipped to repair the damage [Mike Pence] created.”

INDIANAPOLIS – Hoosiers are ready for a new direction where their wages grow above average, their children have Pre-K opportunities no matter where they live, the state’s roads and bridges aren’t crumbling, and their neighbors live openly and free from discrimination. It’s why state newspapers this weekend outright rejected Eric Holcomb and his campaign with unanimous endorsements for John Gregg.

From Fort Wayne to Evansville, newspapers recognize that with Eric Holcomb, it would be four more years of the status quo – leaving Hoosiers and the state with the same politicians who got us into this mess in the first place.

But don’t take our word for it. Check out the endorsements below for yourself.

Fort Wayne Journal Gazette: “Gregg: Man with a plan”

The difference is apparent in each candidate’s plan for Indiana. Holcomb’s is broad and nonspecific…”

“Holcomb’s plan does not address civil rights protections. He has said that cities have the authority to adopt those protections if they desire.” […]

“Holcomb doesn’t address public access questions in any of his plans…”

“Holcomb did not respond to a 13-question survey from the Indiana Coalition for Open Government. Both Gregg and Bell responded.”

Indianapolis Star: “John Gregg ready to lead Indiana as governor”

“In contrast, Holcomb has struggled for most of the campaign to demonstrate his readiness for the job. For example, in a late August interview with IndyStar’s Editorial Board, Holcomb seemed not to understand how the state’s existing preschool program works and had difficulty articulating his plans for early childhood education.He has improved as a candidate more recently, most notably in the final debate this past week with Gregg and Libertarian Rex Bell.”

Terre Haute Tribune-Star: “In a recent debate, Republican gubernatorial candidate Eric Holcomb expressed doubt that Gregg, a Democrat, could accomplish anything with a legislature dominated by Republicans. That attitude — that Republicans are the only choice for an elected office because they control the government — is pervasive in recent Indiana politics.”

Evansville Courier-Press: “Holcomb, who has been lieutenant governor only since March, has served in much more inside-baseball positions with our government.”



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