No winners today among candidates in straw poll, concerned Hoosiers remind GOP


INDIANAPOLIS – Concerned Hoosiers distributed voter guides this morning to potential straw poll voters illustrating the flaws of the lackluster group of Republican front-runners ahead of the Congress of Counties straw poll today.

Groups of concerned Hoosiers stationed outside the Congress of Counties in downtown Indianapolis distributed the unofficial voter guides in the run-up to the speaking program of U.S. Senate candidates and subsequent straw poll. Giving voters the option between Congressman Messer, Congressman Rokita, Rep. Braun and “None of the Above,” the guides remind voters about what these candidates stand for.

With each front-runner unwilling to separate themselves from each other on policy, the “GOP’s nastiest Senate primary” has been riddled with personal attacks and petty politics since the beginning. Even in the last two days, two more stories have broken detailing a pay-for-play scandal surrounding Congressman Rokita as well as revelations about Congressman Messer’s attempts to pay students to vote for him in today’s straw poll.

“Voters need to know the real facts about each Republican front-runner in today’s straw poll: they’re all flawed candidates, and Hoosiers can do better,” said Noah Huber, one of the concerned Hoosiers who passed out voter guides for the Indiana Democratic Party. “No matter what this afternoon’s results say, between Congressman Messer, Congressman Rokita and Rep. Braun, there are no winners. The Republican Party is selling Hoosier voters short by offering up such a poor group of potential nominees.”

View the Concerned Hoosiers’ 2018 Indiana GOP Straw Poll flyer here:


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