Not an April Fool’s Joke – Eric Holcomb Flip-Flops on Negative Campaigning


INDIANAPOLIS – This is not an April Fool’s Day joke. As Eric Holcomb told the media yesterday that he wouldn’t partake in negative campaigning this year, his official campaign Twitter account falsely attacked Mike Pence’s opponent, John Gregg.

Lt. Gov. Holcomb’s attack on Gregg was later proved to not just be false, but Holcomb’s own boss was found to vote for a pay raise during his time in Washington. And further, Mike Pence’s current salary is the highest ever for an Indiana governor.

“Does Eric Holcomb seriously think he can get away with preaching positive campaigning, but then falsely attack John Gregg on social media? Hoosiers should be concerned by the blatantly false attacks coming from the state’s second in command,” said Drew Anderson, communications director. “Hoosiers should be able to trust their elected officials. After passing RFRA, politicizing education, and letting our roads crumble, Mike Pence and Eric Holcomb have shown Hoosiers that they are not to be trusted because time and again they have put their out-of-touch ideologies ahead of the state’s overall well-being.”

SHOT: Eric Holcomb said he will not participate in negative campaigning.
Interview from the Lafayette Journal & Courier, 3.31.16

CHASER: Eric Holcomb falsely attacks John Gregg through Twitter.
Tweet by Eric Holcomb’s campaign account, 3.31.16

BONUS: Eric Holcomb retweets false attacks by Gov. Mike Pence and the Indiana Republican Party.
Tweets and Retweets by Eric Holcomb’s campaign account, 3.31.16


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