NWI Times on Holcomb’s Plans for State: “Doesn’t Have Many Details”


Holcomb to continue status quo – leaving state with no statewide Pre-K, stagnant wages, & no LGBT protections

INDIANAPOLIS – According to the NWI Times, Eric Holcomb “doesn’t have many details” or a vision for improving the state of Indiana. Essentially, Eric Holcomb would be “quite proud” to continue with the status quo and the direction the state has gone over the last four years.

Holcomb doesn’t have many details. […] On most of those issues, Holcomb simply has said he will work with the Legislature to accomplish his goals without identifying specific funding sources or fleshing out the particularities needed to enact his ideas into law.

Gregg, who narrowly lost to Pence in 2012, is all about details. On the campaign trail, Gregg touts his 35-point economic plan, identifies specific funds now going unused that could pay for statewide pre-K, claims his $3.2 billion road funding plan will create 54,600 jobs and lists exactly how he will take on Indiana’s drug epidemic.”

What does this mean for Hoosiers? The state would continue to see sluggish grow, stagnant wages for Hoosiers, no statewide Pre-K, and no protections for the LGBT community.

“Eric Holcomb wants to run on the status quo that’s left Indiana falling behind the rest of the nation,” said Drew Anderson, communications director. “Under Eric Holcomb, Hoosiers would continue to see their wages lag, their children kept from a statewide Pre-K system, and their neighbors denied protections based on who they love. Those aren’t Hoosier values, and Eric Holcomb’s vision only fits the ideology from the last four years.”




January 2013

Mike Pence’s staff scrubbed pro-LGBT rights comments from the governor’s Facebook page. [NWI Times, 6.28.13]

October 2014

Without public announcement, Mike Pence declines $80 million that would have created a statewide Pre-K program. [IndyStar, 10.17.14]

January, 2015

Mike Pence announces and then embarrassingly ends “JustIN”, a state-run news service. [Fox 59. 1.29.15]

March 2015

In a closed door ceremony, Mike Pence signs the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, throwing Indiana into a $250 million economic panic. [Indy Star, 3.25.16]

March 2015

With Scott County in an HIV outbreak, Mike Pence waits 65 days to declare a State of Emergency for the county. Cases rise from 10 to 79. [Politico, 3.26.15]

May 2015

Using his own campaign dollars, Mike Pence advocates for and signs repeal of the state’s common construction wage laws. [NWI Times, 5.6.15]

May 2015

With no public debate, Mike Pence signs an education budget that eliminates funding for urban and rural public schools, creates more loans for struggling charter schools and adds to an unreliable voucher program. [Associated Press, 5.7.15]

August 2015

Mike Pence hires the bare minimum workers needed for the Department of Child Services to remain compliant with state law. [Indiana Public Media, 8.13.15]

August 2015

An I-65 Bridge nearly collapses in Lafayette, causing a month-long detour that leads to gridlocked traffic and fatal accidents. Mike Pence? He only provided “maybe” solutions to fix Indiana’s crumbling infrastructure – and ignored local roads and bridges. [Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, 8.13.15]

October 2015

Before hundreds of schools receive failing ISTEP score levels, Mike Pence flip-flops on accountability for teachers and schools on the test. [NWI Times, 10.27.15]

November 2015

Mike Pence politicizes the Syrian refugee crisis by denying a family the opportunity to resettle in Indiana, putting our “Hoosier Hospitality” reputation in jeopardy again. [Indy Star, 11.20.15]

December 2015

After the Lt. Governor’s longstanding opposition to RFRA, Mike Pence encourages her to seek new opening at Ivy Tech Community College. [Fox 59, 12.27.15]

January 2016

After RFRA and months of “studying” LGBT rights for Hoosiers, Mike Pence does nothing to advocate for adding protections to state’s nondiscrimination laws. [IndyStar, 1.13.16]

March 2016

In a closed door ceremony, Mike Pence signs one of the most restrictive anti-abortion laws in the nation. [IndyStar, 3.24.16]


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