Ohio Gov takes action, backs universal background checks. Holcomb…?


INDIANAPOLIS – In a news conference Tuesday morning, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine called on state lawmakers to strengthen background check laws. The GOP governor is pushing 17 measures including a proposal to institute background checks on nearly all gun transactions.

From the Cincinnati Enquirer Ohio Gov. DeWine proposes ‘red flag’ law, expanding background checks for gun sales

“DeWine said no one thing will prevent gun violence, but together, the changes will save lives.

“If we do these things, it will matter. If we do these things, it will make us safer,” DeWine said.”

Across the border, Governor Eric Holcomb has responded by encouraging Hoosiers to, “be vigilant”. While DeWine is taking action, Holcomb is hiding. After largely caving to conservative lobbyists on expanding mental health in schools last legislative session, Holcomb hasn’t taken a position on universal background checks, a policy nearly 90% of Hoosiers back.

Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody called on Holcomb to act, or at least say something meaningful.

“While his GOP counterpart in Ohio is taking the lead, Governor Holcomb continues to keep quiet,” said Zody. “At a moment that demands leadership, Holcomb continues to do nothing. Playing it politically safe won’t protect kids. I’m calling on the governor to take a position on universal background checks.”


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