Once Again, Todd Young Relies on D.C. Friends to Bailout His Struggling Campaign


INDIANAPOLIS – Name-calling Todd Young is failing in his campaign for U.S. Senate. It’s going so bad that he must now rely on yet another bailout from his friends in Washington. Adding to an ad buy from another special interest group, it is clear that Young and his Washington D.C. friends are doing literally everything possible to keep the ship from sinking.

In this month alone, Young and allies have dumped just over a million dollars in ad buys across Indiana. Coupled with the news of $325,000 and $250,000 ad buys from third parties, the Todd Young Campaign also spent $500,000 more in television ads and released a website attacking his primary opponent and frontrunner Marlin Stutzman. This only means one thing – Todd Young knows he’s losing to his primary opponent.

“Once again, Hoosiers are seeing Todd Young ask his Washington friends for another bailout to save his struggling campaign from losing to frontrunner Marlin Stutzman. But after blaming everyone but himself for his ballot signature snafu, Hoosiers have figured out who Todd Young really is – a politician who believes he’s never at fault and is simply above the law,” said Drew Anderson, communications director. “Hoosiers don’t want a politician who is unwilling to do the tough, gritty work that’s required to be a public servant for Indiana. And they don’t want an establishment politician who will say or do anything required to win votes. That’s not the Hoosier way.”

This avalanche of campaigning comes after Todd Young’s ballot snafu in February. After numerous independent counts found Young failed to meet the minimum signatures required by state law, opponent Marlin Stutzman challenged Young’s candidacy. The Young Campaign blamed Stutzman for practicing “Chicago-style politics.” However, with the creation of an attack website on Stutzman, it seemed like Todd Young completely flip-flopped on his own attack, confirming his ability to say or do anything that served his own political interests.


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