Oops! Indiana Congressional Republicans Call Out State GOP for Their Gas Tax Failure


Shot: Indiana Republicans in Washington criticize state’s high gas prices 

Chaser: “Indiana Republicans show no signs of moving for gas tax cut

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today pointed out how Republicans in Indiana’s Congressional delegation (accidentally) called out their statehouse colleagues for their failure to address the state’s high gas prices. Indiana GOP politicians like Todd Young took to social media to blame President Joe Biden and Democrats over the high cost of gas – but it’s politicians like Governor Eric Holcomb who refuse to pause the state’s gas tax and save Hoosiers about 56 cents per gallon at the pump

Indiana Republicans could quickly call a special session on May 24 – Technical Corrections Day – to pause both the state gas tax AND the impending hike expected to fall on July 1. This would save families cash at the pump during this burdensome global inflationary period. 

But, Indiana Republicans “show no signs” of combating an issue that’s important to voters – proving once more they are a party with no plans for Indiana, just partisanship. 

In contrast, Indiana Democrats like Mike Andrade, Rita Fleming, and Tonya Pfaff renewed their calls from last session to pause the state’s gas tax. The Indiana Democratic Party also called on the state to halt the impending tax hike on gas – an increase that would further burden motorists across the state. Democrats are focused on correcting Indiana’s F-rated quality of life rating by solving the kitchen-table issues important to voters – like global inflation. Should the Indiana GOP fail to pause the gas tax, Democrats will use their partisanship as a hallmark issue for the 2022 elections.

SHOT: Republicans in D.C Criticize Indiana’s High Gas Prices 

Todd Young: These price increases are crushing middle class Hoosier families.”

Greg Pence: the hardworking people of Indiana are paying more than ever for gas

Jim Banks: It’s Tuesday and already this week gas prices hit a record high

Jim Baird: “On Sunday, the average price of diesel in Indiana was $5.38 a gallon— the highest recorded in state history.

Jackie Walorski: “Hoosiers face record-high prices at the pump

CHASER: “Indiana Republicans show no signs of moving for gas tax cut

WIBC’s Rob Kendall: “Democrats in Indiana being more pro taxpayer than Republicans.”

NWI Times: “The gasoline tax also is due to increase to 33 cents per gallon on July 1”

NWI Times: “Hoosier motorists will be paying a total of 74.5 cents in taxes for each gallon of gasoline they purchase in May — the highest amount in Indiana history.” 


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