Outside Congressman Rokita’s office, concerned Hoosiers and union workers protest his support for bad trade deals


LAFAYETTE, Ind. – Concerned Hoosiers and union workers gathered outside Congressman Rokita’s Lafayette office this morning to protest his record of supporting trade policies that rig the playing field against Indiana and make it easier for corporations to ship jobs to other countries.

Congressman Rokita has a history of supporting unfair trade policies and outsourcing corporations over Hoosier workers. He’s bragged about supporting the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the massive, failed pan-Asian trade deal, claiming that it “paves the way” towards more trade deals with bad actors like China. He even clung to donations from Carrier’s parent company when they announced plans to ship thousands of Hoosier jobs to Mexico.

Congressman Rokita also voted to block the U.S. Trade Representative from cracking down on currency manipulation by foreign governments. And while he repeatedly slams one of his opponents, Rep. Braun, for selling foreign auto parts, he forgets that he repeatedly supported the same trade policies that would make it even easier for those same cheap Asian auto parts to flood the U.S. market.

“Congressman Rokita’s phony opposition to the political establishment ring hollow when you consider he has consistently supported terrible trade deals that serve their interests, not working families back home in Indiana,” said Michael Feldman, spokesman for the Indiana Democratic Party. “When Carrier shipped their jobs to Mexico, Congressman Rokita clung to donations from their parent company, but now he’ll falsely pretend he’s always sided with Indiana workers if that’s what he thinks it’ll take to get elected.”


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