Outside primary debate, Hoosiers protest GOP Senate candidates at their final joint appearance of year-long campaign


INDIANAPOLIS – Concerned Hoosiers this evening protested the GOP Senate candidates’ self-destructive campaigns outside of the WFYI studios where tonight’s debate will be held and made clear that none of the candidates on stage tonight are fit to represent Hoosiers in the Senate.

Since its start last year, “the nastiest race in the country” has been defined by a focus on personal attacks and petty rivalries instead of the issues that matter to Indiana. With the election day almost here after a brutally long campaign, all three candidates have been unshakably defined, and in a way they’d like to forget.

Concerned Hoosiers came to the debate today to remind the GOP trio that no matter who survives next week, they won’t be able to change voters’ impression of them during the general election. All three men are firmly recognized as petty, hypocritical candidates more concerned with helping themselves than strengthening Indiana.

“Congressman Rokita and Messer and Rep. Braun have used the past year to define each other negatively through petty insults and personal attacks. Unfortunately for them, Hoosiers have been paying attention,” said Michael Feldman, spokesman for the Indiana Democratic Party. “This last debate won’t change the tone of this primary — it will continue to be the GOP’s nastiest until the bitter end, and whoever emerges won’t be able to outrun that. ”

“Hoosiers watching tonight’s debate expecting to hear a positive vision for Indiana from Congressmen Messer and Rokita and Rep. Braun are sure to be disappointed one last time,” said Valerie Ellis from Indianapolis who attended the protest. “For nearly a year, we’ve watched as these three men have constantly resorted to personal attacks instead of debating the issues that matter to people like us. We’re all aware of who these men are, and six months isn’t nearly enough time for whoever wins to make voters forget how they’ve acted during the primary.”


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