Outside rally, concerned Hoosiers, union members protest Trump’s, Pence’s and Rep. Braun’s broken promises to Hoosier workers


Concerned Hoosiers and union members protested President Trump, Vice President Pence and Rep. Braun for their many broken promises made to Hoosier workers outside the site of their rally in Elkhart today.

President Trump and former Governor Mike Pence are in town to try and heal the wounds of the “GOP’s nastiest Senate primary” after Rep. Braun won the nomination despite being weakened by the roughly $1 million worth of negative ads aired against him. But as hundreds of protesters were out in force to remind Hoosiers today, the three men have more in common than their support for the disastrous McConnell tax plan that will cause Hoosiers’ premiums to skyrocket.

Time and time again, President Trump, former Governor Pence and Rep. Braun have all failed Hoosier workers. The Trump/Pence Administration drastically overstated the impact of their “deal” to save Hoosier jobs that Carrier was set to send to Mexico, devasting many workers in Indiana whose jobs were still outsourced. For his part, Rep. Braun broke with bipartisan majorities in the wake of Carrier’s announcement and voted to protect the company’s tax breaks after they’d attempted to lay off thousands of Hoosiers.

During his time in the Statehouse, Rep. Braun also voted repeatedly to raise Hoosiers’ taxes while cutting them for himself and his timber holdings. He followed that up by funding his primary campaign with the profits from selling auto parts made by cheap Chinese labor at the expense of Hoosier workers.

“President Trump, former Governor Mike Pence and Rep. Braun all pretend like they have Hoosiers’ backs, but their records prove that’d rather play politics than protect our jobs from being shipped out of the country,” said Mike Millsap, USW District 7 Director. “Their campaign rally will be overshadowed by these false promises, as Hoosiers like myself know they’re more interested in protecting themselves and their outsourcing friends instead of doing anything to help us.”


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