Party Civil War and “Lame Duck” Governor’s Partisanship Continue to Show Dysfunctional Indiana Republican Party without Identity


Public scuffles: Eric Holcomb vs. Todd Rokita and Todd Young vs. Jim Banks 

Governor Holcomb touts state’s full employment rate despite worker shortage due to INGOP’s low-paying jobs record

Columnist Ken de la Bastide: “Less than a year into his second term, Gov. Eric Holcomb is already being considered a “lame duck” in office.” 

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today highlighted the continued identity crisis, intraparty turmoil, and extreme partisanship crippling the Indiana Republican Party. Over the weekend, Hoosiers saw continued coverage of the ongoing court dispute between “friends” Governor Eric Holcomb and Attorney General Todd Rokita over the governor’s emergency powers, a new skirmish between U.S. Senator Todd Young and U.S. Congressman Jim Bank (IN-03) over legislation to help America outcompete China, and Governor Holcomb touting the state’s full employment rate despite an ongoing worker shortage — all due to Holcomb’s record of attracting low-wage jobs

The Indiana Republicans’ Mean Girls-like bickering once again exposed the organization’s identity crisis, and it contrasts with an Indiana Democratic Party that’s gone on offense crisscrossing the state selling President Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan and the direct impact it’s bringing to Hoosier families and all of Indiana’s 92 counties. Democrats are focused on delivering common-sense solutions that will create a better future for voters and the communities they call home. This isn’t politics — it’s getting back to American life in our country. 

Here’s how the messy the Indiana Republican Party became over the Fathers’ Day holiday weekend:

“Lame Duck” Eric Holcomb + Todd Rokita = F-R-I-E-N-D-S 

Fox59: Gov. Holcomb still not considering vaccine lottery, says he and AG Rokita are ‘friends’ amid court battle

IndyStar: Why Indiana’s governor and attorney general are feuding over emergency powers

Todd Young and Jim Banks have public dispute over common-sense legislation 

Indiana Public Media: “As the legislation moves to the U.S. House, it faces sharp criticism from – among others – U.S. Rep. Jim Banks (R-Columbia City). The Banks-led Republican Study Committee said the bill is too expensive and doesn’t do enough to protect American intellectual property from theft by China.

Young deflected that criticism, saying Banks addressed an earlier version of the bill that doesn’t reflect what was passed by the Senate.

‘He has been vocal and loud, but does not seem conversant in the details of it,’ Young said.” 

NOTE: U.S. Senator Mike Braun voted “no” on Todd Young’s Endless Frontier Act

Eric Holcomb touts state employment rate despite worker shortage and poor jobs record

Governor Eric Holcomb: “Understand that we have more people in the workforce today than we did pre-pandemic. Understand that we have a full employment of 3.9-percent. The 120,000-plug jobs that need to be filled is a fraction of what is available…there is A LOT of opportunity. That is the good news.” 

Indiana Public Media: Experts Say Other Factors Are Causing Hiring Woes – Not Unemployment Benefits

Economist Micah Pollak: “…if a couple hundred dollars a week is enough to convince a worker not to work for you, then I think you need to question what kind of work environment and pay are you offering.”

IndyStar: Indiana lost more ‘good’ jobs than it gained, study says 


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