Pence Announces 2024 Presidential Bid Outside Indiana


INDIANAPOLIS — Today, former Indiana Governor and Vice President Mike Pence announced his bid for the Republican presidential nomination, joining a growing field of candidates trying to keep former President Donald Trump from the nomination.

It was just over two-and–a-half years ago when the ‘cheerleader of the porn star presidency’ was traveling from swing state to swing state to get Donald Trump reelected. Now, he’ll try to make America forget about that, or at least parts of it, while running for the nomination.

Mike Pence is telling voters in Des Moines, Iowa that he’s running with a grand announcement kickoff. But why wouldn’t he want to launch this national campaign in his home state of Indiana? 

It’s because Hoosiers know the full story of Pence’s dismal record.

“Despite appearing to lead with his faith, Pence pushed policies that have hurt the most vulnerable among us: he let an HIV outbreak fester for months and turn into a crisis, signed and championed one of the country’s most hateful laws targeting LGBTQ people (RFRA), and twice tried to halt the resettlement of Syrian refugees fleeing a murderous dictator,” said Indiana Democratic Party Chairman Mike Schmuhl. 

As president, he would continue this awful track record and pursue a nationwide abortion ban that would criminalize women and doctors – all under the guise of a phony Christian conservatism that is neither neighborly nor shows much Hoosier hospitality. 

It should speak volumes to the American people that Mike Pence is not launching his campaign for President in Indiana, the place he has called home for his entire life, and where he became governor. If he’s truly proud of the work he accomplished for Hoosiers, wouldn’t he try to showcase the Indiana he built to the entire country?”


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