Pence & GOP Statehouse Finally Support Superintendent Ritz’s #1 Legislative Priority.


INDIANAPOLIS – John Zody, Chairman of the Indiana Democratic Party, released the following statement after Mike Pence and Statehouse Republicans finally agreed with Glenda Ritz on key concerns with ISTEP+ test scores and its effect on the overall well-being of Indiana’s education system and economy.

“Mike Pence and Statehouse Republicans have finally joined Glenda Ritz in tackling one of today’s biggest problems facing Indiana’s schools. As a result of Superintendent Ritz’s leadership, both chambers of the Legislature have passed “hold harmless” for our schools, teachers, and students. For well over 18 months, Glenda Ritz foresaw the ISTEP+ score problem and called for Indiana to not unfairly penalize our schools and communities for a new, more rigorous exam and standards for which they didn’t have adequate time to prepare. However, it was Mike Pence who – after ignoring the issue and trying to strip Ritz of her elected duties – did an about-face and flip-flopped on this issue, an attempt to save himself from another PR crisis. The truth is, Mike Pence can’t save face on this issue and Hoosier parents and educators know who their real advocate is at the Statehouse: Glenda Ritz. Mike Pence can’t pick and choose which issues matter to him, and it’s offensive for him to tell educators to ‘not take it personally’ when the success of their students is on the line.”


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