President Biden Delivers Two Tech Hubs to Indiana


INDIANAPOLIS — This week, President Biden announced 31 communities as Regional Innovation and Technology Hubs (Tech Hubs), and 2 of those hubs will be in Indiana.

These winners include the Bloch Tech Hub across the Wisconsin-Illinois-Indiana tri-state region, and Heartland BioWorks located in Indianapolis.

This new Tech Hubs program was an integral part of President Biden’s CHIPS and Science Act, and these investments in Indiana will deliver the jobs of the future for thousands of Hoosier families.

The announcement of two new Tech Hubs located in Indiana is a direct result of President Biden’s commitment to American manufacturing and the jobs of the future,” said Indiana Democratic Party Chair Mike Schmuhl. “It’s important to remember that six of eight Indiana Republicans in Congress voted against the CHIPS and Science Act in 2022 — this investment would have never happened if it were up to them.

“Hoosier Democrats will keep fighting for solutions that bring dollars and opportunity to our state. We believe in investing in the future of Indiana, and these Tech Hub designations can help keep Indiana a leader in manufacturing jobs into the future.

“We must not miss this opportunity — our state needs to invest in the future of Indiana’s workforce with universal pre-K, direct childcare assistance, and reduce the cost of higher education to meet the moment.”


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