Remember: Todd Young, Indiana GOP in the Pocket of the Gun Lobby


Reports indicate the good guys with firearms were “unprepared” and did not stop the bad guy with the gun

Senator Todd Young issues hollow statements in response to national mass shootings, including in Indianapolis 

ICYMI: “Over his career, Young has received $2,896,732, 9th-highest among all politicians.”

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today bumped up this report on how U.S. Senator Todd Young and the Indiana Republicans in the state’s Congressional Delegation have put the gun lobby and its special interests ahead of the lives of Hoosiers. Young has spent his decade in Congress pursuing a national purity test on firearms – like calling on guns to be deemed”‘essential” during the COVID-19 crisis – all well pocketing upwards of $3 million from the National Rifle Association (NRA). Todd Young has received more donations from the NRA than all other Indiana GOP politicians.

Senator Young is not alone. As shown below, every single Republican in Indiana’s Congressional Delegation is complicit to the gun violence Hoosiers are seeing across the state. They have no plans for Indiana’s future – just campaign cash and partisanship. 

Indiana Republicans won’t address gun violence. Governor Eric Holcomb yesterday claimed it was time to beef up security in Indiana’s public schools – despite reports showing that the good guys who had firearms couldn’t stop the bad guy with the gun. And it’s worth remembering: Statehouse Republicans disrespected state law enforcement this year when they forced through permitless carry during the most recent legislative session. The Indiana GOP’s actions and rhetoric once again show they have no plans for our future – just national partisanship. 

Indiana Democrats have worked to protect Hoosiers in all 92 counties. Leaders like André Carson and Frank Mrvan both voted “YES” two measures that would beef up national background checks and close loopholes for gun show and online purchases. And, Democrats largely opposed the Indiana GOP’s permitless carry legislation during this year’s legislative session.

Here is a look at what the Indiana Republican’s Congressional Delegation had to say about the mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas, and how much they are getting paid to do nothing about it: 

Todd Young, NRA Rating: A+: I am deeply saddened by the horrific shooting today at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas. Our nation mourns the innocent lives taken in this senseless tragedy. CAMPAIGN DONATIONS FROM NRA: $2.9 million 

Mike Braun, NRA Rating: A: Horrified by the senseless murder of 14 children and a teacher in Texas. My heart is with the parents and the community bearing this unimaginable anguish.  CAMPAIGN DONATIONS FROM NRA: $1.25 million

Larry Bucshon, NRA Rating: A: Today I mourn with those who are grieving the unthinkable loss of students and a teacher at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. This is a senseless act of violence and it is my hope that we will determine why this individual committed such a horrific crime.  CAMPAIGN DONATIONS FROM GUN LOBBY: $26,050*

Jackie Walorski, NRA Rating: A: As we learn more about today’s senseless attack in Uvalde, Texas, I am devastated for the children, families, and community members who are grieving.  Violence has no place in our nation’s schools – or anywhere else. We must work together to protect our kids.  CAMPAIGN DONATIONS FROM GUN LOBBY: $36,899*

Victoria Spartz, NRA Rating: A: Anyone who harms innocent children is a coward. We join together in prayer for the victims of today’s shooting in Uvalde, TX. Let us all rally around the victims’ families & their community during this heartbreaking moment.  CAMPAIGN DONATIONS FROM GUN LOBBY: $30,390*

Jim Baird, NRA Rating: A: Today we mourn with the families and the Uvalde, Texas community as they grieve the loss of students and teachers at Robb Elementary School. My prayers go out to all those affected by this terrible tragedy.  CAMPAIGN DONATIONS FROM GUN LOBBY: 4,666

Greg Pence, NRA Rating: A: Pence issued no statement on the shooting. CAMPAIGN DONATIONS FROM GUN LOBBY: $33,263*

*Gun Lobby Donations since 2012 using 


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