REMINDER: Mike Braun, Victoria Spartz, Jim Banks Voted Against CHIPS Act, Creating Jobs


Earlier this year, Indiana Republicans like Mike Braun, Jim Banks, and Victoria Spartz sided with China by voting against bolstering domestic manufacturing through the CHIPS Act

INDIANAPOLIS – As President Joe Biden travels to Michigan today to highlight how the CHIPS Act is already helping spur investment in American manufacturing and create good-paying jobs across the nation, Indiana Democratic Party Chairman Mike Schmuhl released the following statement blasting Mike Braun, Jim Banks, and Victoria Spartz who voted against the bipartisan CHIPS Act.

“With the CHIPS Act and his Made in America agenda, President Joe Biden is helping create good-paying jobs and bring manufacturing back home to lower costs for families – no thanks to U.S. Senator (and so-called businessman) Mike Braun and U.S. Reps. Jim Banks and Victoria Spartz who sided with China over working families here in Indiana.”

In case you missed it, President Biden’s CHIPS Act includes $52 billion for computer chips and public wireless supply chain innovation, developing and expanding chip manufacturing efforts in the U.S, as well as additional funding for further research and development. 


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