Rep. Braun can’t keep his story straight about his business’ long history of outsourcing


INDIANAPOLIS – Disturbing details again emerged about Rep. Braun’s company’s long history of outsourcing – and once again, it seems he just can’t keep his story straight about it.

Last week, the Associated Press published a scathing report exposing Rep. Braun’s’ history of poor worker treatment and outsourcing during his tenure as CEO of Meyer Distributing and highlights the hypocrisy of his campaign’s criticism of politicians who put “Beijing over Bloomington.” “Dozens of foreign or foreign-owned auto parts companies do business with Braun,” the AP notes, who has also imported multiple shipments of goods from China himself.

Last week’s AP story isn’t the first time Rep. Braun’s inability to keep track of his company’s outsourcing has been exposed, however. During the first GOP Senate primary debate in February, Rep. Braun surprised the audience when, despite running for Senate on his business expertise, told them that “I deal with American manufacturers… I don’t know where they get [their products] made.” Later, an Associated Press fact check revealed many of his manufacturers’ products are indeed made in foreign countries like China.

“Every new detail exposing Rep. Braun’s hypocrisy on outsourcing paints a clearer picture about a businessman and politician who’s only in it for himself,” said Michael Feldman, spokesman for the Indiana Democratic Party. “As Hoosiers learn that Rep. Braun’s Senate campaign is built with profits from choosing foreign-made products over Indiana manufacturing, they’ll see he’s far from the responsible businessman he’s been pretending to be.”


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