Rep. Braun funding Senate campaign with profits from selling Chinese-made parts


INDIANAPOLIS – Despite living in a state known for its automotive manufacturing, Rep. Braun has made his fortune and is funding his Senate campaign with the profits from selling foreign auto parts.

According to a February Associated Press fact check, the Jasper-based warehouse of Rep. Braun’s Meyer Distributing received multiple shipments of auto parts from China. Meanwhile, dozens of companies listed on his corporation’s website make or sell products from China, Mexico, Canada, and Germany. And while Rep. Braun insisted that he used American manufacturers, many of the suppliers listed on Meyer’s website are not American companies, the AP reported.

Rep. Braun’s use of funds from selling foreign parts while running for U.S. Senate in Indiana is especially noteworthy considering Indiana’s reputation for auto manufacturing. The Hoosier state has the third-most auto parts manufacturing establishments in the United States and was the second-biggest automotive manufacturing state by value. Meyer Distributing, however, does not seem to prioritize using Indiana-made parts.

This release is part of Trade Madness, a three-week long series in which the IDP is highlighting Congressmen Messer’s and Rokita’s and Rep. Braun’s mad record of supporting disastrous trade deals and policies that make it easier to ship Hoosier jobs overseas.


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